Public Works | Information on Recycling Pickup

Curbside Recycling | What, How & Why?

GLASS All clear, brown, and green glass containers Empty, rinse clean then place in cart. No drinking glasses, mirrors, window glass
MIXED PLASTIC All Pet (#1 – #7) Plastic bottles with neck smaller than the body that is closed with screw or snap top, excluding motor oil or pesticide. Empty, rinse clean and place in cart. No plastic wrap, bags, plates, trays, or utensils, motor oil or pesticide bottles.
SODA & WATER BOTTLES Soda bottles (any color) & Water bottles Clean and empty No caps, no bottles that contained harsh chemicals, hazardous materials.*
ALUMINUM AND STEEL CANS Beverage or food cans Empty and rinse clean then place in cart. No paint, aerosol, oil cans, or scrap metal
NEWSPAPER All newspapers, inserts and sales fliers that are in the newspaper. Place together in cart. No catalogs or telephone books
MAGAZINES Magazines with a slick shinny page finish. Not over ¼ inch thick. Place together in cart. No catalogs or telephone books.
MIXED PAPER Cereal, shoebox, food box, junk mail, office and computer paper,soapbox. Place together in cart. No paper with glue waxes oil, grease.
CORRUGATED CARDBOARD All cardboard. Breakdown, fold and place in cart. Excessive amounts to be taken to Convenient Sites.

Recycling | Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.s)

What do the codes on the bottom mean?

The little recycling triangle on the bottom of most plastic containers and many other plastics is called an SPI code. This code was developed by the Society of the Plastics Industry (SPI) to help consumers and businesses easily identify the resin type. This helps for recycling purposes but the code identifier is not meant to indicate that the material is “recyclable.” The industry chose to put symbols on the six most common resins plus an “other” category to capture the numerous other resins and the blends that are used. Even though the plastic resin in a milk jug and a butter tub may be the same, the molding process to make them is quite different. A milk jug is blow molded, like blowing a bubble, and a tub is injection molded, like stamping two molds together. To use each molding technique, different chemicals must be added to each plastic resin to make it melt and flow correctly. These added chemicals make the resins incompatible in most recycling processes because they no longer melt at the same rate. Melting is an important phase of the plastics recycling process.

Why can’t plastic bottle caps be recycled?

Bottle caps are made of a different plastic resin than the containers. They are usually made of #4 PP (polypropylene) because this material is more rigid than the other resins and works well for the strength needed for a beverage cap.

Banned Materials

Beginning with Senate Bill 111 in 1989 and in subsequent legislation, the North Carolina General Assembly has established disposal bans on a wide range of materials.  New disposal bans will come into effect Oct. 1, 2009 on used oil filters, plastic bottles and wooden pallets.  Click on the links below to learn more about how to comply with the October disposal bans and about some of the other materials banned under

North Carolina General Statute 130A-309.10(f) |

Recycling Rewards Program

Each month ten (10) names/addresses are randomly picked and checked to see if they are recycling. The first one caught recycling is awarded a fifty ($50.00) cash voucher that is credited toward their solid waste bill. At the end of each year (October- September), all the monthly winners’ names are placed into a hat, and one is drawn to receive a $500.00 cash prize awarded by Waste Industries. ANNUAL RECYLING REWARDS drawing, the Town of Morehead City will be awarding one (1) $200.00 and one (1) $100.00 cash prize to our  drawing in addition to the $500.00 award from Waste Industries.  So now more than ever it really does pay to RECYCLE. Only those residents who participate in the City’s roll out cart collection service, which includes curbside recycling, shall be eligible for the “Recycling Rewards” program. CLICK HERE TO SEE ANNUAL AND MONTHLY RECYCLE WINNERS !!