Public Works | General Information

Public Works Staff

The Town of Morehead City’s Public Works Department has an approximate staff of 20 employees with part-time seasonal employees that aid the department from roughly May through October, or as we like to say “from summer to the Seafood Festival.” The Public Works department is an integral part of Morehead City; they are responsible for maintaining all of our city parks, public restrooms, public accesses, city buildings and much more! Public Works also includes the Town Garage and cemeteries, most notably Bay View and Greenwood. Public Works is also involved in keeping Morehead City clean and green by offering curbside trash and recycling services.

City Garage

The City’s garage is located at 601 N. 25th St. This facility maintains over 100 pieces of equipment from weedeaters to fire engines. A computerized fleet management program tracks preventative maintenance and repairs. This department is ASE certified.

Street Division

This division provides support services for the NC Seafood Festival, Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament,Wahoo Challenge, and many parades occurring in Morehead City.

Street Division also includes the maintenance of:

  • 50.27 miles of streets
  • 22.46 miles of sidewalks
  • 22.81 miles of storm drain
  • 14.87 miles of alleys

Code enforcement activities for the Street Division includes debris removal from private lots and lot mowing.

Building & Grounds Division

This division oversees building and grounds maintenance for the City. Included in this maintenance is perpetual care for the City’s three cemeteries and the Emeline Pigott Cemetery. This division works closely with local funeral homes and families regarding sales and service for our cemeteries. The city’s three cemeteries comprise over 28 acres of land with more than 12,000 graves. Over 4,000 graves are available for purchase. Some graves date to the early 1800’s.

Maintenance activities for parks and grounds include playground and facility maintenance. Supervision is also provided for the contract mowing of parks and grounds. City parks cover over 12 acres of land.Building maintenance is provided through both staff and contract operations. Maintenance activities include HVAC, electrical, plumbing, painting and many repair operations. The City maintains over 50,000 square feet of building space.

Buildings and Grounds also provides support services for the NC Seafood Festival, Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament,etc.

Sanitation Division

The Sanitation Division provides contractual collection of solid waste and recyclable. The City provides semi-automated collection of yardwaste. Most items collected by the City’s contractor require some sort of preparation before collection. The need to follow preparation requirements is important so that items placed on the street’s edge are collected promptly and not left to become a community eyesore. Specific preparation and placement requirements for these items are listed on our Refuse Pickup and Recycle Pickup page. Please call 252-726-6848 ext. 122 or 132 for more information.

Announcements & Updates

2019 Spring Clean

Notice to Morehead City Residents

Effective July 1, 2011, North Carolina has banned the disposal of computer equipment and televisions in the landfill. The Town of Morehead City will no longer collect and dispose of banned electronics such as computer equipment and televisions. Electronics must be recycled at the Hibbs Road convenient site.

For more information please go to

<a</Backyard Composter Sale

Morehead City residents who utilize roll out cart service are eligible to participate in the City’s composting program. Interested residents may purchase one 10 cf compost bin at a sponsored price of $8.00. For more information please call 726-6071.

Dimensions – 31L x 31W x 33H in. Weight – 16.4 lbs. Material – 100% Recycled Plastic Resin Color – Black 74 gal = 11.5 cubic feet Click link for picture: