Recycling Contest Winners

Recycling Rewards Program

Each month ten (10) names/addresses are randomly picked and checked to see if they are recycling.

The first one caught recycling is awarded a fifty ($50.00) cash voucher that is credited toward their solid waste bill. At the end of each year (October- September), all the monthly winners’ names are placed into a hat, and one is drawn to receive a $500.00 cash prize awarded by Waste Industries.

The Town of Morehead City will be awarding one (1) $200.00 and one (1) $100.00 cash prize to our drawing in addition to the $500.00 award from Waste Industries.  So now more than ever it really does pay to RECYCLE.

Only those residents who participate in the City’s roll out cart collection service, which includes curbside recycling, shall be eligible for the “Recycling Rewards” program.

2015 – 2016 Recycling Winners

November 2017   – David Freeman

October 2017

September 2017

August 2017       

July 2017   –    Kimra Westbrook

June 2017   –   Jennifer Arnold

May 2017     –   Patsy Britt 

April 2017   –   Danielle Lund

   March 2017     –    Tressa Jones 

   February 2017  –  Sidney Hargrove

   January 2017   –    Kirsten Campbell






2016-2017 Annual Winners

In October of each year the names of the recycle winners are placed into a hat for a chance to win a $500, $200, and $100 cash reward from Waste Industries and the Town of Morehead.

The Town of Morehead City, in conjunction with Waste Industries, recently held a drawing for the recycle winners of the year.  Each month, a recycler is chosen based on their recycle habits.  The monthly winners are then invited to a drawing in October for a Grand Prize of $500, donated by Waste Industries.  This year the Grand Prize winner was .  Runner up winner of $200 –  , and second runner up winner of $100 each –

Assistant Public Services Director & 1st Runner up Betty Carr
Assistant Public Services Director & 2nd Runner up Alonzo White