Planning & Inspections Planning Board Members

Top Row (Left to Right): Frank Eastman, Vernon Small, Tom Saunders

Bottom Row (Left to Right): Ronetta Gaskill, Tom Outlaw, Andrea Smith

The Planning Board is a seven member Board consisting of four In-City members appointed by the City Council and three extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ) members appointed by the Carteret County Board of Commissioners. The chairman and vice-chairman are elected annually by the members of the Planning Board.

There are currently no vacancies on the Planning Board. However, if you are interested in serving in the future, please submit a Citizen Participation Application.

Planning Board Members Terms

Tom Outlaw, Chairman | 8/15/15 – 8/15/18
Ronetta Gaskill, Vice-Chairwoman | 8/15/15 – 8/15/18
Tom Saunders | 8/15/15 – 8/15/18
Sally Lumpkin | 8/15/15 – 8/15/18
Andrea Smith | 8/15/16 – 8/15/19
Frank Eastman | 8/15/16 – 8/15/19
Vernon Small | 8/15/16 – 8/15/19