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The Town of Morehead City is seeking professional services for the preparation and administration of a CDBG application in the Neighborhood Revitalization program offered by the Department of Commerce. The project is anticipated to include housing related activities as developed during the application process. The grant request is anticipated to be an amount up to $750,000. The project will take place over the next 30 months. Professional services will be contingent upon successful award of the grant project.
Contingent upon this award, the Town is soliciting proposals for application preparation and grant administration services to assist the Town in the administration and management of this project in compliance with all applicable requirements under the North Carolina CDBG Program. The fee for grant application and administration services will be paid with CDBG funds. The application for the CDBG Grant is due no later than July 16, 2019.
Scope of Services:
Grant application preparation services to include meeting with the Town to determine the needs of the Town as related to the activities of the grant. The scope of work shall include development of the application, site visits as needed, preparation of the proposed budget, intake of application information, development of application forms and documents, assistance with preparation of public hearings, gathering of all necessary application attachments and forms and assimilation of the final application document to include timely delivery of the application to the Department of Commerce.
Grant administration services shall include, but are not limited to, standard tasks necessary for the implementation of the project in conformance with the following CDBG compliance areas, including:

1. Environmental Review Compliance and Release of Funds and other Funding Conditions;
2. Citizen Participation Compliance;
3. Fair Housing Compliance;
4. Equal Employment and Procurement Compliance;
5. Section 3 Compliance;
6. Section 504 Compliance;
7. Completion of Language Access Plan;
8. Completion of Anti-Displacement and Relocation Assistance Plan;
9. Complaints and Grievance Procedures for Compliance Plans;
10. Labor Standards Compliance;
11. Completion of all required reports and documentation;
12. Assistance with Financial Reimbursements Forms; and
13. Setting up and managing official records;

The services will not include the disbursement or account of funds distributed by the Town’s financial officer, legal advice, fiscal audits, or assistance with activities not related to the CDBG project.
Proposal Submission:
Submissions provided to the Town shall include at a minimum:

1. Individual or Firm Information: the consultant or firm’s legal name, address, email, and telephone number, the principal(s) of the firm and their experience and qualifications;

2. CDBG Grant Administration Experience: description of specialized experience and technical competence of the staff to be assigned to the project with respect to CDBG grant administration, description of firm’s prior experience, including any similar projects (in particular those funded by CDBG), size of community, location, total construction cost, and name of local official knowledgeable regarding the firm’s performance. Include at least three references;

3. Consultant / Firm Capability: description of firm’s current work activities, capability of carrying out all aspects of CDBG related activities, and firm’s anticipated availability during the term of the project;

4. Cost of Services: Indicate a fee for service and explanation of the basis for the fee;

5. Documentation of compliance with state and federal debarment/ eligibility requirements;

6. Documentation of Section 3 Business status.

Proposal Evaluation Criteria:
Proposals for grant administrative services will be evaluated by a Selection Committee. Proposals will be considered on an equal competitive basis. The following criteria will be used in the evaluation process:

1. General Qualifications, Competence and Reputation of Firm
or Individual Consultant 20 points
2. Prior CDBG Infrastructure Grant Experience of Firm
or Individual Consultant 20 points
3. Qualifications of Actively Involved Staff
(assigned staff members of Firm or Consultant) 25 points
4. Ability to Address Local Needs 10 points
5. Availability 10 points
6. Cost of Services 10 points
7. Qualifications as a Section 3 Business 5 points

Upon completion of the review, the Committee will make its recommendation to the Town for approval.
The above information should be submitted no later than May 29, 2019 at 5:00 p.m., to Mackenzie Todd, Planner, Town of Morehead City, 706 Arendell Street, Morehead City, NC 28557. For more information, contact Mackenzie Todd, Planner, at 252-726-6848 ext.121.
Town of Morehead City is an Equal Opportunity Employer and invites the submission of proposals from minority and women-owned firms. Town of Morehead City invites the submission of proposals from a certified Section 3 business concern.

Morehead City Open For Business!

Morehead City Planning & Inspections Department has relaunched its departmental plan review service which is intended to provide a one-stop shop for entrepreneurs, business developers, and property owners to meet with staff to learn about applicable City requirements for opening a new business in existing locations, as well as guidance on new commercial construction and development projects in Morehead City. During these meetings, City staff from the Public Services, Fire, Police, and Planning and Inspections Departments will be available to help guide you through City permitting processes. Staff can also help make the applicant aware of other applicable federal and state agencies which may have jurisdiction over the project.
To schedule a meeting, contact the Planning and Inspections Department at (252) 726-6848 x125.