Human Resources | Application Process

We Appreciate And Welcome Your Interest In Employment With The Town Of Morehead City

The policy of the City is to foster, maintain, and promote equal employment opportunity. The City selects employees on the basis of applicants’ qualifications for the jobs and awards them, with respect to compensation and opportunity for training and advancement, without regard to an applicant’s or employee’s age, race, color, national origin, religion, sex, disability or political affiliation. In an effort to assist you in applying for a position, outlined below is a list of common questions relating to the employment application process.

Please Note That Applications Are Only Accepted When A Job Position Is Vacant And Posted

Where are job openings posted?

Job openings are posted in one or more of the following locations:

  • Morehead City website
  • Internal notices posted at City buildings and departments
  • Employment Security Commission (ESC)
  • Local newspaper
  • Out of town newspaper
  • Position related websites, publications, etc.

Where can I get a City application?

Applications may be downloaded from the Town of Morehead City-Human Resources website as a PDF or fillable document.

City Application | Print blank & fill out with pen

City Application | Fill out on computer & then print

In addition, once a job opening is advertised, applications are available at the Employment Security Commission (ESC) location at the Morehead City office at 309 Commerce Street, Morehead City, NC 28557 or any other ESC location.

How do I apply for a City (police) position?

Persons interested in applying for a police position (sworn or non-sworn) must go to the Police Department home page and click on the Employment tab to continue the application process.

How do I apply for a City (non-police) position?

Applications will only be accepted for vacant positions. All applications will be accepted through any location of the Employment Security Commission (ESC). Submit a completed Town of Morehead City employment application on or before the closing date listed for each position. Note that a separate application is required for each position for which you are applying.

To ensure your application is valid and does not get rejected:

  • Only apply for those positions for which you meet the minimum requirements (minimum requirements may be met through an equivalent combination of education, experience, and training which provides the necessary skills and knowledge needed to perform the job).
  • Fill in all information that is requested on the application as this will be used to determine qualifications for the position.
  • If printing application, print legibly and clearly.
  • Application must be signed and dated.
  • Failure to finish the application completely, including signature and date, may result in not being considered for the job opening.

Included with each application is a supplemental data form used for demographic data collection and statistical reporting to the EEOC. This form is filed separately from the employment application and is not provided to the personnel responsible for making hiring decisions. The employment application and supplement is confidential and not open for public record.

How do I submit my application?

Unless otherwise stated, all employment applications must be submitted to the nearest Employment Security Commission (ESC) office. Applications will not be accepted at City offices or departments. Resumes may be included, but are not accepted in lieu of the application. Supplemental documents and educational transcripts may be required for certain positions. First time applicants through the ESC will be required to register with the ESC prior to submitting a City application. For your convenience, use the ESC registration link below to register online.

I am a current employee, how do I submit my application?

Current City employees may request an application from the Office of Human Resources. Once the application is completed, return to the Office of Human Resources for submission to appropriate hiring department.

What happens after my application has been submitted?

The Office of Human Resources will collect all the applications from the Employment Security Commission and forward them on to the hiring department. The application supplement is separated from the City application and is not provided to the hiring department. The supplement is filed in a secure location in the Office of Human Resources.

Any applications that are received after the closing date, incomplete, or not signed and dated will not be forwarded to the hiring department.

Valid applications will be reviewed by the hiring department based on knowledge, skills, and abilities required for the position for which you applied. Equivalent combinations of education and experience will be considered for all positions.

How will I know if I am selected for an interview?

After all applications for a position are reviewed, the best qualified applicant(s) will be contacted by either the hiring department or the Human Resources Director for a personal interview. If you are selected for an interview, you will be contacted via telephone or by email within a reasonable time after the application deadline.

Applicants may be called for subsequent interviews.

What happens after the interview?

A final selection is made by the hiring department based on the individual who best suits the needs and requirements of the position and the department. The final candidate will be contacted via telephone by either the hiring supervisor or the Human Resources Director with a job offer.

Upon job offer acceptance, the final candidate must submit to one or more of the following:

  • Pre-employment drug screening test
  • Physical
  • Criminal background investigation
  • Driver’s license history check
  • Educational, licensing board, association checks
  • E-verify check (verify the identity and employment eligibility of all persons hired to work in the US)

Any negative or questionable results obtained from any testing or investigation may result in withdrawing job offer.

If I am not selected for the position, what happens to my application?

All applicants not selected for the position will be notified by letter or email that the vacancy has been filled. Applications are retained in the Office of Human Resources as required law.

Applications will not be returned and will not be reactivated for other positions.

Whom can I contact during the application process?

Questions regarding the application process may be directed to:

Town of Morehead City
Human Resources Office
706 Arendell Street
Morehead City, NC 28557

252-726-6848, extension 124

*Please note that this process may be deviated from depending on the vacancy being filled.