Rezoning is a method of changing the zoning classification of a property to a different zoning classification. For example, residentially-zoned property may need to be rezoned in order to permit commercial activity. The types of uses allowed in each zoning classification are listed in the Table of Permissible Uses. The City Council decides whether a property should be rezoned based upon recommendation by the Planning Board, surrounding zoning and land use, and consistency with the City’s Land Use Plan.

Prior to the public meeting and public hearing, each property proposed for rezoning is posted with a zoning hearing sign, a legal advertisement is published in the Carteret County News-Times, a property owners within 300′ of the site are notified of the rezoning by mail. 

In the event a rezoning request is denied, a minimum six-month period must elapse prior to submittal of another rezoning application for the same property.

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