Planning Board

Mission and Responsibilities

The Planning Board is a seven member board composed of representatives from Morehead City and its extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ) and which is a recommending body for requests such as rezoning, ordinance amendment, planned development, and major subdivision sketch plan.

The Planning Board is also responsible for reviewing and approving or denying requests for major subdivision preliminary and final plats, landscaping plans for projects over five acres, alternative landscaping plans, and multifamily developments.

In addition, the Planning Board provides input concerning special projects, such as zoning studies, comprehensive reviews of ordinance language, and various plans such as the Land Use PlanPedestrian Plan, and Bicycle Plan.

Meeting Schedule

The Planning Board meets on the third Tuesday of each month at 5:30 p.m. in the Municipal Building Auditorium located at 202 South 8th Street, 2nd Floor. For more information, contact Planning and Inspections Department Director Sandi Watkins.