Setting Up An Account With Morehead City

Opening new service. What do I do/need?

An application for new service is needed with the required deposit/service fee and a valid picture id. Types of acceptable id’s are: valid driver’s license, state identification card, military id, passport, Alien Registration, Government/University/recognized Corporate Id, Card or Certificate of Naturalization.

Our application can be downloaded HERE, faxed to you or picked up at our office.

If a new customer is not available to come to the Water Department in person we will accept faxed, emailed or mailed applications along with the required deposit/service fee and copy of a valid id. The new customer must appear in person in our office within seven (7) business days of the application date to verify their identity. Failure to do so will result in disconnection of service.

Additional Information About Setting Up a New Account Can Be Found Below:


User Deposits

All applicants for city water shall make a deposit to secure payment for water service.

Residential and commercial shops with three-quarter-inch meters shall provide a minimum deposit of $100.00, plus a $30.00 Service Fee. The individual in whose name the deposit is made shall be responsible for payment of all bills incurred with the services furnished. The deposit receipt is non-transferable and is not negotiable. The receipt may only be redeemed at the water department office. When services are disconnected, and all bills are paid, the remaining portion of the deposit will be refunded.

Identity Theft Precautions | As of 5/1/09

In the wake of increasing cases of identity theft the Morehead City Water Department will begin immediately implementing the following steps in order to protect our current and future customers:

  • Any individual opening new service or transferring current service must produce one (1) form of current identification. This form must contain a photograph of the applicant. Faxed or mailed applications must include copies of identification also. Any customer that faxes or mails their information must appear in our office within seven (7) days of the application date to verify their identity. If they do not appear in our office within seven (7) days of the application date, the utility service will be discontinued until the applicant complies.  If within 30 days, after service disruption, the applicant does not appear the service account will be closed.
  • Any account changes and inquiries must be done by the account holder(s) only. The customer must provide the last four (4) digits of their social security number and/or their driver’s license number.

If these forms of identification cannot be provided then no information can be changed or released.

I’m moving and need to close my current service.

Per our town ordinance it is required that all disconnect requests be submitted in writing. Those that come to the Water Department will need to fill out the back of their application requesting the disconnect. Others can fax or email their requests to us

CLICK HERE for Disconnect Form

We will need the following to process the request:

  • Current service address, utility account number if known
  • Customer Name
  • Last four digits of the customer’s social security number
  • Date of disconnection
  • Forwarding mailing address (for final bill or refund of deposit)
  • Customer Signature
  • Date of Request

I need to transfer my current service to a different service address.

We do not accept verbal requests to transfer service from one location to another. The customer must come to the Water Department or fax/email the transfer request (click here for transfer form). Any account carrying a balance will not be transferred until the balance is paid off in full.

Also, a transfer fee is charged and can be added to the first billing at the new location. We will only keep both locations with service over period of time, such as a weekend (e.g. turn on service at new location of Friday and turn off service at previous location on Monday).

CLICK HERE for Transfer Form

My tenants skipped out and left a mess. I need water to clean up.

We do allow temporary service for 30 days and will extend this an additional 30 days if needed. Please call our office to find out the procedures and fees for this service.