Paying Your Taxes

How can I pay my taxes?

Payments can be made via online banking, credit/debit card (through Official Payments only), by mail, drop box and in person.

Mailing Address:

Town of Morehead City

706 Arendell St.

Morehead City, NC 28557

Attn: Tax Collector

Can I make prepayments towards future taxes?

Anyone can make payments towards future taxes that will become due. In order to post the payments correctly we must know that they are for future taxes and all current taxes must be paid in full. Payment arrangements are allowed and encouraged to be set up as soon as the tax notice is received (in July or August). For the past few years payment arrangement forms have been sent with the tax notices to assist property owners with this option. Beginning the payment plan immediately upon receipt of the tax notice saves the property owner money by eliminating/reducing any interest or penalties that will accrue on the balance owing. If a property owners waits until after the taxes become delinquent to make a payment arrangement they must come to the Tax Office and sign an agreement. No verbal payment arrangements are made. The property owner is required to make a down payment on the taxes owing at the time the arrangement is made.

What happens if the taxes become delinquent?

If the taxes become delinquent and no payment arrangement is in place with our office collection action begins. Second notices are mailed after the delinquency date (January 6th) to advise property owners of delinquent taxes owing even to those with payment arrangements (our software cannot separate those with an arrangement and those that do not). Per N.C.G.S. 105-368 a tax collector may attach wages and other compensation, rents, bank deposits, the proceeds of property subject to levy or any other intangible personal property, including property held in the Escheat Fund. Also N.C.G.S. Chapter 105A allows for property owner’s state income tax refund or lottery winnings to be attached and garnished. If there are no intangible assets to be found and the tax remains unpaid information is turned over to the city attorney to begin foreclosure proceedings.

What can I do if I feel the tax bill is incorrect?

The first step is to contact the Carteret County Tax Office at 252-728-8535 since they do the assessing of all property in the county. Any corrections made there should be forwarded to our office to correct/adjust the Morehead City tax.

Does the Carteret County Tax Office bill & collect for the Town of MHC?

No. The county tax office assesses all property in the county and forwards the information to us for billing and collecting purposes.

Does the MHC Tax Office bill & collect for motor vehicles?

Only for unregistered motor vehicles which are classified as personal property. The Carteret County Tax Office bills and collects for Morehead City on registered motor vehicles and remits the funds to us. Questions concerning registered motor vehicle taxes should be directed to the Carteret County Tax Office at 252-728-8535.

What time period do the tax bills cover?

Value, ownership, taxable status, and situs of real and personal property are determined for the new fiscal year at Jan 1st.

Are tax bills required to be mailed? If so, when?

North Carolina General Statutes (N.C.G.S.) does not require that any type of property tax bill be prepared or distributed to taxpayers. To increase collections we mail bills in July or August.

When are the tax bills due?

All taxes in North Carolina are due September 1st.

Does the Town offer a discount for early payment?

Yes. Currently the Town offers a 2% discount if taxes are paid/received by August 31st. Per N.C.G.S. (105-360(d)) payments made by mail are considered received by the tax office on the postmark date. If the payment has no postmark or the postmark does not contain a date, then the payment is considered received when it actually arrives in the tax office.

When do the taxes become delinquent?

If the tax remains unpaid at January 6th they are considered delinquent and 2% interest applies. Interest continues to accrue at ¾% each month until paid in full.