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From the Town of Morehead

Town of Morehead City Updates: October 10, 2018
The Town of Morehead City continues to thank everyone for their patience as we are all working hard to
restore our city to normal operational conditions. We are all in recovery mode. Repair and restoration
will be ongoing until we are back to “normal”, including working through the possible effects of the
upcoming storm, Michael.
Town services have been operating under normal hours and at regular locations. We look forward to
seeing and hearing from you! Contact Information: https:Umoreheadcitync.org/staff-directory/
If you have an emergency call 9-1-1
and for Non-Emergency Police or Fire/EMS Response call (252) 726-1911
Individual Updates from Town Services:
Information Technology and Communication:
Normal phone lines, extensions, and email services have been restored.
Public Services:
In an effort to facilitate storm debris removal in an efficient and timely manner, we are asking residents
to please separate remaining storm debris into three separate piles. The first pile is for vegetative
matter such as trees and leaves, the second is for construction and demolition items such as dry wall,
insulation, shingles, and a third pile for furniture and carpet (cut into four feet sections and rolled up).
The storm debris team is operating with six trucks that are running seven days a week at minimum of 12
hours per day. Through today’s date we estimate that we have collected roughly 70% of the Town’s
vegetative debris in our first pass (this is more than 52,000 cubic yards of debris!). We anticipate
completing the vegetative pickup within the next 2 weeks and will transition to removing construction
debris. There are also an additional two trucks running with the department of transportation assisting
with pick up on the Department of Transportation maintained roads.
Recycling has resumed last week with our contracted municipal solid waste removal team, Waste
Industries. The Thursday and Friday pick up of the week of October gth is on a “B” schedule and the
week of October 15th will be on an “A” schedule. Recycling schedules will continue to run on their
regular biweekly times.
With the upcoming rain event that may impact the city this week, we ask that you please make sure any
remaining storm debris set at the curb do not block city drains.
Utilities Finance/Billing:
Utility bills can now be paid at Town Hall, 706 Arendell Street. Because of the hurricane, September 17th
interest and penalty calculations will be waived. However, please note, if your bill is unpaid after
October 14th, then interest and penalties will be applied at that time on entire unpaid balance of
Planning & Inspections:
Permit fees have been waived through October 31, 2018 for permits issued to repair, reconstruct, or
demolish structures and associated systems damaged by Hurricane Florence.
Our office is open 8- 5. *The phones at Town Hall continue to experience intermittent technical
difficulties. Please contact 252-241-4286 if you are unable to reach the Planning & Inspections
Department. The fax machine line is down. Options for application submittal include scanning and
emailing the application to mhcpi@moreheadcitync.org or delivery in person or by mail.
Parks & Recreation:
The Parks & Recreation Building is open and operating programs under a regular schedule. The Newport
River Boat Ramp is open. The parks are open, but some lights are out. There are also some areas and
items that are unusable as they are secured for the safety of the public. The 20th St Calico Creek
boardwalk and small pier will be repaired soon, hopefully over the next week or two. CLOSED: Conchs
Point, 6th St Docks, lOth St Access; (These areas are awaiting procurement which will allow for their
repair, thank you for your patience.)
The Webb Library is open Monday through Thursday from lOam-7pm and Friday and Saturday from
lOam to 2pm. Free Internet (Wi-Fi), and computers are available for your use. We offer printing
services for a fee.
Burning is NOT allowed in the city limits of Morehead City. Please see garbage and debris above for
proper disposal. Please be cautious in regards to where you pile debris on the side of the road. We have
had some situations where debris has been piled around a hydrant, thus making it difficult to find during
an emergency.
Roads in the Town are passable but may still have debris especially on the side roads. Please continue to
use caution when driving. Call (252) 726-1911 if you need our assistance.



Mayor’s Welcome

A most cordial welcome to Morehead City the gem of the Crystal Coast of North Carolina! Morehead City, the largest town in Carteret County, is located on the coast of North Carolina, enjoys a temperate climate and has ready access to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world!

On behalf of our Council, it is a pleasure to extend to you an invitation to visit us to explore our various museums and historic sites, to shop and dine on the Morehead City Waterfront and to relax and enjoy our many public beach accesses, parks and recreation facilities. Read More

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