How can I pay for permit fees?

Smartgov Public Permit Portal:


You may contact the Planning & Inspections Department at or 252-726-6848 x125 for Permit Portal Access, then create a new account using an access code provided by the Town, verify the new account by clicking a link sent to your email address, and submit payment through the portal. Many permit types with automatically issue upon receipt of payment and users are able to print or save a copy of their permit. 

Alternatively, you may pay online or by telephone through Official Payments.

Official Payments Online Instructions:

1. Go to

2. Click on “Local Payment”

3. Enter Jurisdiction Code “4391” or Select State “North Carolina” and Collecting Organization “Morehead City, Town of”

4. For Type of Payment, enter “Building & Planning Permits” and click “Make a Payment”

5. Click “Continue”, then click “Accept” to accept the terms of using service

6. Enter credit card information and permit number (permit box is alphanumeric only- no dots or dashes)

7. You will receive a confirmation number

8. Call or email Planning & Inspections to give us the confirmation number at 252-726-6848 x 125 or

Official Payments Telephone Instructions:

1. Call Official Payments at 1-888-272-9829

2. Select Option 3 for “Other Payments”

3. Enter jurisdiction code “4391” and press 1 to accept

4. Select Option 4 for Payment Type (Permits)

5. Follow prompts to receive confirmation number and write down number

6. Call or Email Planning & Inspections your confirmation number at 252-726-6848 x 125 or

7. When paying by telephone, a service fee will be applied for each transaction completed. 


Staff can receive cash, check, and money order in-person. In order to pay with a credit card, it is necessary to utilize either the telephone or online payment method.

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