What is an excluded subdivision?

Excluded subdivisions are divided in to two categories, subdivision exemptions and limited subdivisions. Excluded subdisions are reviewed by Planning Staff. 

Subdivision exemptions include combination or recombination plats of previously recorded lots, ten acres or more (10 acres+) divisions, public acquisition, and the division of two (2) acres or less into three (3) lots or less, where the resultant lots meet or exceed the standards of the Town of Morehead City. 

Limited subdivisions are divisions of parcel greater than 5 acres (5 acres+) under single ownership, not included in subdivision exemptions (above), has not been divided in the last ten (10) years, into no more than three (3) lots and meet lot dimension size requirements, applicable zoning requirements, and include a permanent means of ingress and egress to each lot.

Click HERE for additional information on excluded subdivisions and their review process.

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