How do I get a library card?

Checking out books at the Morehead City Library is as easy as signing up to be a patron. Any staff member will be able to provide you with the necessary application form. The Morehead City Library requires that you have a photo id with your current address or, if you're new to the area, a utility bill with your new address along with your photo ID. Since moving to the Apollo Circulation system the Morehead City Library now issues actual cards. Patron data is stored on the computer. This library is not part of the County Library System so those cards are not valid at the Morehead City Library.

Click here to register for a Morehead City Library Card online.  

Fees for overdue books are 10 cents a day per overdue item. By signing up to be a patron, you agree to follow the Morehead City Library Rules and Regulations and to notify us of any change of address.

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