Town of Morehead City Hurricane Florence Aftermath Update: 09/24/2018

The Town of Morehead City would like to thank everyone for their patience as we are all working hard to restore our city to normal operational conditions.  The Town’s businesses and residential homes have sustained substantial damage from wind and water events related to Hurricane Florence and we hope that sharing information will aid in a more efficient recovery for everyone in Morehead City.

The Town Services are operational.  Emergency services, Fire/EMS and Police are working around the clock to provide assistance to the people of Morehead City.  Administrative services are now operating on an 8am to 4pm daily schedule in each of their respective buildings.  Normal phone lines are also back in use as described on the Town’s website.  

If you have an emergency call 9-1-1 
and for Non-Emergency Police or Fire/EMS Response call (252) 726-1911


Curfew: Curfews have been lifted city-wide.

Town Services:

Public Works:  Most streets are passable. We are continuing to work on street issues and ask that you continue to use caution as you clean debris and let us know of any issues that need our attention.

As property owners return and begin cleaning up their property from Florence’s damage, please help us complete the collection of debris in the most efficient and safe manner. 

  • please create SEPARATE piles at the street edge, 
  • please create one pile for vegetative debris (trees and limbs), one pile for construction and demolition debris (shingles, siding, plywood, studs, etc.), and one pile for discarded furnishings(carpet, furniture, large personal items),
  • tree and limb debris segments should be no longer than 12 feet, 
  • please place discarded appliances in a separate location at the street edge,
  • please avoid placing piles directly under power lines and other overhead utility lines, and also not around mailboxes, fire hydrants, low hanging trees, sprinkler heads as this may present a safety hazard to collection crews and may result in a slower collection process.

Public Utilities:

City hall including utilities is planning to reopen Tuesday, September 25th from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.  Please note that not all functions of this department may be available starting Tuesday morning.  Due to the hurricane, late fees will be waived for the month of September.

Planning & Inspections:

The Planning and Inspections Department will be providing limited permitting services from 8am to 4pm at City Hall from their normal offices starting Tuesday, September 25th.  Services are currently limited to electrical permit issuance and inspection as well as building, mechanical, plumbing, fence, sign, and demolition permit application submittal.  Due to the extent of the storm damage, the Town of Morehead City will be waiving permit fees for storm damage repairs through Friday, September 28th

Parks & Recreation:

The Parks and Recreation Building is now open for business.  All parks are also open (excluding bathrooms) to the public except for Piney Park and Bryant Pond Park.


Burning is NOT allowed in the city limits of Morehead City.  Please see garbage and debris above for proper disposal.  Electrical power is being restored throughout the city and power outages may continue as line issues are resolved.  Please pay extra attention inside your homes and businesses looking for sparks and smelling for smoke.  If your power is out, use extreme caution with generators, candles, and grills.


Curfews have been lifted. Most roads in the Town are passable but may still have debris.  Power outages are still an issue in some areas of Morehead City.  Please drive slow and pay extra attention as road signs may be down and traffic lights may not be operating.  If traffic signals are not operating at an intersection, use the rules of a 4 way intersection. Call (252) 726-1911 if you need our assistance.


Mayor’s Welcome

A most cordial welcome to Morehead City the gem of the Crystal Coast of North Carolina! Morehead City, the largest town in Carteret County, is located on the coast of North Carolina, enjoys a temperate climate and has ready access to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world!

On behalf of our Council, it is a pleasure to extend to you an invitation to visit us to explore our various museums and historic sites, to shop and dine on the Morehead City Waterfront and to relax and enjoy our many public beach accesses, parks and recreation facilities. Read More