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Floodplain Management Plan 

Development of the Morehead City Floodplain Management Plan is currently underway. A floodplain management plan evaluates ways to mitigate risks from future flooding and serves to enhance a local community’s floodplain management program.  Morehead City’s goal in the development of its plan is to maintain or enhance Morehead City’s rating in the Community Rating System, a national program which provides local communities an opportunity to reduce individual flood insurance premiums through participation in and development of a variety of flood-related activities. Morehead City’s is currently a Class 8 under the CRS program, which means that up to a 10% reduction can be offered on flood insurance premiums.

You can assist in the development of the plan by providing data and information or by completing a Flood Protection Survey.

The next meeting of the Floodplain Management Planning Committee is scheduled to be held on April 3rd at 9:00 am at the Municipal Chambers located at 202 South 8th Street. During the meeting, the committee will work on hazard identification and risk assessment. If time permits, the committee may also look at identifying specific projects, such as outreach projects, to incorporate into the Program for Public Information. 

If you have questions about the Morehead City Floodplain Management Plan, contact the Morehead City Planning and Inspections Office at (252) 726-6848 x140.

Morehead City Open For Business!

Morehead City Planning & Inspections Department has relaunched its departmental plan review service which is intended to provide a one-stop shop for entrepreneurs, business developers, and property owners to meet with staff to learn about applicable City requirements for opening a new business in existing locations, as well as guidance on new commercial construction and development projects in Morehead City. During these meetings, City staff from the Public Services, Fire, Police, and Planning and Inspections Departments will be available to help guide you through City permitting processes. Staff can also help make the applicant aware of other applicable federal and state agencies which may have jurisdiction over the project.
To schedule a meeting, contact the Planning and Inspections Department at (252) 726-6848 x125.